Self catering accommodation in Guinjata bay - Inhambane province - Mozambique.

Best snorkelling spots in Mozambique

Guinjata Bay has has got some of the best snorkelling spots in Mozambique.

We work closely together with dive Operators who can take you on a snorkelling trip. You can hire all snorkelling equipment there as well.

The lighthouse Reef

Some of the best snorkelling spots in the Inhambane province are the Lighthouse Reef and Paindane Reef. The Lighthouse Reef, running at an angle from the shore for about 400m far, offers calm and protected water on the inner edge, suitable for kids and beginners. The depth ranges from 1m down to 5m and offers pool-like conditions which makes them suitable for the whole family.

The reef is home to hundreds of reef fish, lion fish, stone fish, and a multitude of eels, shrimps, crayfish, cuttle fish, star fish, octopus, nudibranches and a garden of soft and hard corals. There is always something new to see!

The Paindane Reef

At low tide, the Paindane Reef is exposed and forms a large tidal pool, with a depth of 0-5m. This provides also pool-like conditions, with a wide range of corals and sea life including octopus, moray eels and a variety of juvenile fish providing wonderful underwater vistas. Manta rays are also seen here from time to time.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens (Paindane’s inside edge). This site is perfect for snorkelling as well as beginner scuba diving. Depth ranges between 2-5m. Don’t let the shallow depth fool you. This is the spot for the expert and beginner alike.

We organise your trip

We can organise snorkelling trips by boat out to these reefs, as well as trips further out to see where you can swim with the amazing whale shark and dolphins. This is an experience you will never forget. One of our better spots has produced sightings of over 15 whale sharks at once. The whale sharks are happy to hang around with the snorkelers provided that they are not touched – this usually sends them diving down. Whale sharks are found all year round with the best months being October to April.

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